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Dr. Ajay Kumar


Greetings, Students, With great pleasure, I welcome each of you to the commencement of a new academic year. This institution was established in 2010-11 with a singular purpose: to address the educational needs of young women residing in this remote and rural locale. Here, you will find an array of services tailored to support your academic journey and facilitate your holistic development. Our curriculum encompasses courses in Art, Commerce, and Science (including Non-Medical and Computer Science), paving the way for your academic progression and eventual professional triumphs. Dedicated to nurturing a conducive learning environment, our institution is steadfast in providing academic prowess, robust infrastructure, and ample resources. Our esteemed faculty and staff are wholly committed to fostering the intellectual growth of our students. Moreover, we prioritize your exposure to the professional realm by organizing a multitude of lectures and workshops. Emphasizing the importance of co-curricular activities, particularly cultural and sports endeavors, we strive to ensure the comprehensive development of our female students. It is our fervent belief that through active engagement in such activities, you will emerge as leaders poised to make significant contributions to society and uphold the honor of our institution. Best wishes for a fruitful academic journey ahead. Warm regards, Principal GCW Gurawara