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Dr. Ajay Kumar


Greetings, Students, With great pleasure, I welcome each of you to the commencement of a new academic year. This institution was established in 2010-11 with a singular purpose: to address the educational needs of young women residing in this remote and rural locale. Here, you will find an array of services tailored to support your academic journey and facilitate your holistic development. Our c... Read more



Bachelor of Arts

The three-year Bachelor of Arts program offers a versatile and comprehensive education in humanities. Students have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of subjects such as literature, history,...

Duration: 3 years


Bachelor of Commerce

The three-year Bachelor of Commerce program provides a comprehensive education in commerce and business. Students will study accounting, finance, and business management. Through practical projects an...

Duration: 3 years


Bachelor of Science - Non Medical

The three-year Bachelor of Science in Non-Medical program is designed for individuals interested in the study of physical sciences and mathematics without a focus on medical subjects. Students will st...

Duration: 3 years


Master of Arts - Political Science

The two-year Master of Arts program in Political Science offers a comprehensive study of political theories, governance, international relations, and political ideologies. Students delve into the comp...

Duration: 2 years


Bachelor of Science in Physical Sciences

The four-year Bachelor of Physical Sciences program is designed for individuals interested in the study of physical principles governing the natural world. The curriculum covers physics, chemistry, ma...

Duration: 4 years